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Bulova Technologies Group Companies:

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. is the parent company of Bulova Technologies Europe LLC, Bulova Technologies Machinery LLC, and Bulova Technologies Advanced Products LLC. The company is registered with the United States Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). The company is headquartered at 12645 49th Street North, Clearwater, Florida 33762. View our website at www.bulovatechgroup.com.

Bulova Technologies (Europe) LLC executes military contracts from the Company's headquarters in Clearwater, Florida and locations in NATO Europe as a broker which allows for the movement of military articles across friendly borders and in support of allied soldiers throughout the world. Bulova Technologies (Europe) is a full Systems Integrator, providing our Armed Services and allied governments with materials that provide our soldiers an overwhelming edge over enemy forces.

Additionally, Bulova Technologies (Europe) is an importer of small caliber ammunition for the United States commercial ammunition marketplace.

Bulova Technologies Machinery LLC has exclusive arrangements with international machine manufacturers that produce CNC products. The Bulova Technologies Machinery line of equipment is sold through Bulova's Clearwater, FL location and many distributors throughout the United States, Canada and South America and can be viewed under our website at www.BulovaTech.com.

Bulova Technologies Advanced Products LLC is the entity that serves the Company as its technology incubator, identifying and developing technologies which will benefit from the branding of the name "Bulova Technologies" and the experience of the Company's management. Initially, Bulova Technologies Advanced Products has identified technologies and products in both the health care and software security marketplace.

Bulova Technologies Health Care Products operates under the subsidiary, Bulova Technologies Advanced Products LLC. Bulova Technologies Health Care Products develops and markets high-tech medical products for both military and commercial application. Our website can be viewed at www.bulovatechhp.com.

Bulova Technologies Compliance and Security, LLC markets the Enterprise Content Management Library ("ECM Library"©) and the companion K-3 Data Encryption© software to government agencies, banks, law firms and mid to large size businesses. The ECM Library© software system provides for advanced search capability, high demand security, protection notification alerts, and back-up repository maintenance. The software provides unique layers of secured data. These layers actively monitor access to repository data, download and transmission of confidential files, insertion of external memory devices, on-line searches that have been performed, web-sites visited, and e-mails sent or received using the repository content.

In addition, the ECM Library© can limit, govern, and prevent the download and transmission of confidential repository content. The system provides advanced transmission encryption and data breach security. K3 Data Encryption© provides the most advanced data encryption for encrypting any message or text transmitted over any medium. For more info visit our website at www.ecmlibrarybybulovatechnologies.com