BULOVA Technologies Group, Inc.

  • Military, industrial, high-technology products and services.
  • Experienced, reliable and efficient.
  • Customers can count on Bulova to provide a quality product in a fast-paced, complex world.
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Bulova Technologies Group Companies:

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. is registered with the United States Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). The Company has an extensive history of large scale Defense Contracts for munitions, weapons systems, and combat systems. Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. serves also as a commissioned marketing representative for Bulova Tech Ordnance LLC, drawing on its extensive knowledge of the defense industry and customers.

Bulova Technologies (Europe) LLC executes military contracts from the Company's headquarters in Tampa, Florida and locations in NATO Europe as a broker which allows for the movement of military articles across friendly borders and in support of allied soldiers throughout the world. Bulova Technologies (Europe) is a full Systems Integrator, providing our Armed Services and allied governments with materials that provide our soldiers an overwhelming edge over enemy forces.

Additionally, Bulova Technologies (Europe) is an importer of small caliber ammunition for the United States commercial ammunition marketplace.

Bulova Technologies Machinery LLC has exclusive arrangements with international machine manufacturers that produce CNC products. The Bulova Technologies Machinery line of equipment can be viewed under our website at www.BulovaTech.com and is sold thru Bulova's three locations and many distributors throughout the United States and Canada.

Bulova Technologies Ordnance Systems LLC has active contracts with the United States Army for Nonstandard ammunition and Nonstandard weapons and performs these from our Tampa, FL location.